Clare's Story

Clare, Looby’s sister has always enjoyed Looby’s cooking and understood her passion for producing great home cooked food, which she often provides for family gatherings. Their Gran and Mum were both great experimental cooks and Looby has inherited this from them.  When Looby told Clare that she aspired to run her own café, Clare wanted to offer her support. 

“I have always loved my sister’s food  because she creates the most amazing flavours from the humblest of ingredients. In recent years, through Louise, I have become aware of how different foods can also have an impact on our wellbeing.

The world is full of 'diets' - vegetarian, vegan, paleo, wheat free, low salt, low fat, high fat, high protein and so on ........ it is all very difficult to digest and I recognise that each has some value. To me, the answer is a well balanced diet. It is also clear that certain foods have beneficial effects on both our physical and mental health. We discuss menus to include options which may help, such as a fish dish to encourage Omega 3 uptake. If you are interested in looking at the health benefits of food, I find  Dale Pinnock truly inspirational!

I am very proud of what Looby and her Bunch are achieving and we hope you enjoy the food and family friendly atmosphere as much as we do.”

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