Welcome to LBs!

Fresh, comforting and nourishing food made from the heart...

Something for everyone …. it’s all about you.
Great food should not exclude anyone and should not be exclusive to only a few.

Whatever your taste, we want to give you a happy dining experience, whether you are after a coffee and cake, a leisurely breakfast, light lunch or your main meal of the day.

We simply care about the ingredients we use, so that we can offer you fresh, comforting and nourishing food made from the heart – from delicious mains and snacks to scrumptious cakes and desserts.

Family are very important to us and as such we recognise that some have bigger appetites than others. We have included a children’s meal section and some of our mains come in mini portions for them too. Look out for the smiley faces! Emoji

We are also able to cater for special dietary requirements and many of our dishes and cakes are naturally gluten or dairy free (see note below)

Based at The Swan Yard in Cirencester, we are independent and family run.
For more information on LBs story, visit the LBs story page. 

To get an idea of the food we serve, take a look at our sample menu and yummy food images

A note on dietary requirements
With carefully selected ingredients, LBs tries to include everyone's food preferences and intolerances, so that friends and family can enjoy a meal together, without worrying that someone will go without.
Our ethos is to be inclusive rather than exclusive. 

Our doors are now closed. 

To read the closure statement, click here