About the tulips...

You may have noticed when visiting LBs that there are many pictures and references to tulips. Indeed, the elegant tulip pictures hanging in the dining room and stairwell were actually created by Looby's lovely daughter-in-law , Becki.

Clare & Looby’s mum Suzanne, who loved to welcome everyone into her home and feed them, adored spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils, but red tulips were her absolute favourite. She once wrote 'a petal from a tulip is, to me, like a heart'.

And so we surround ourselves in tulips in honour of and in fond memory of her and their brother John (pictured). They represent happy times for us all.

LBs is actually a trading name of our company Tulips Cafe by the Water Ltd. The company name is inspired by Suzanne - and the 'by the water' bit was added by Looby and Becki, as Looby wanted a cafe to be near some water, which she finds peaceful and tranquil. That bit is still to come!

LBs is passionate about supporting good mental health and the tulip is a symbol of this too. One day we hope to support a mental health charity close to our hearts in our local community – a Haven, where those suffering with mental health issues and their family and friends may find advice, support and kindness. If you are interested in supporting this dream too please contact Clare at lbsfood@btinternet.com